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    The Risks of Selling Your House On Your Own

    By Liza DiMarco | November 27, 2023

    The Risks of Selling Your House on Your Own Are you thinking about selling your house as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO)? If so, know there’s a whole lot more time and expertise needed in that process than you might think. While the idea of doing it all by yourself might seem tempting, it’s... Read More

    Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

    By Liza DiMarco | November 23, 2023

    A Brief History of Thanksgiving:“Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States, and Thanksgiving 2023 occurs on Thursday, November 23. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists from England and the Native American Wampanoag people shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies…” ~ Click here to... Read More

    Are Higher Mortgage Rates Here to Stay?

    By Liza DiMarco | November 21, 2023

    Are Higher Mortgage Rates Here To Stay? Mortgage rates have been back on the rise recently and that’s getting a lot of attention from the press. If you’ve been following the headlines, you may have even seen rates recently reached their highest level in over two decades (see graph below):   That can feel like a little bit of... Read More

    Explaining Today’s Low Housing Supply [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Liza DiMarco | November 19, 2023

    Explaining Today’s Low Housing Supply [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights Wondering why the supply of homes for sale is limited today? There are a few factors at play. Lack of building over time, the mortgage rate lock-in effect, and people staying in their houses longer are three of the main reasons why supply is low. But real estate agents know exactly where to look and what to do to... Read More

    Home Prices Are Not Falling

    By Liza DiMarco | November 16, 2023

    Home Prices Are Not Falling During the fourth quarter of last year, some housing experts projected home prices were going to crash in 2023. The media ran with those forecasts and put out headlines calling for doom and gloom in the housing market. All of this negative news coverage made a lot of people have doubts about the... Read More

    Key Skills You Need Your Listing Agent To Have

    By Liza DiMarco | November 14, 2023

    Key Skills You Need Your Listing Agent To Have Selling your house is a big decision. And that can make it feel both exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking. But the key to a successful sale is finding the perfect listing agent to work with you throughout the process. A listing agent, also known as a seller’s... Read More

    🇺🇸 Happy Veteran’s Day!

    By Liza DiMarco | November 11, 2023

    Read more for 8 Ways To Thank A Veteran by Read More

    Home Price Growth Is Returning To Normal

    By Liza DiMarco | November 9, 2023

    Home Price Growth Is Returning to Normal [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights If you’re wondering what’s happening with home prices, know they’re still rising, just at a slower pace – and that’s perfectly normal for this time of year.   Based on typical seasonality in the market, prices go up most in the spring during the peak buying season, and then price growth slows... Read More

    Why Home Prices Keep Going Up

    By Liza DiMarco | November 7, 2023

    If you’ve ever dreamed of buying your own place, or selling your current house to upgrade, you’re no stranger to the rollercoaster of emotions changing home prices can stir up. It’s a tale of financial goals, doubts, and a dash of anxiety that many have been through. But if you put off moving because you’re worried home... Read More

    American Lifestyle Magazine: November 2023

    By Liza DiMarco | November 5, 2023

    The Magazine Celebrating Life In America American Lifestyle Magazine: November 2023 Read More

    Perks Of Selling Your Home When Inventory Is Low

    By Liza DiMarco | November 3, 2023

    When it comes to selling your house, you’re probably trying to juggle the current market conditions and your own needs as you plan your move. One thing that may be working in your favor is how few homes there are for sale right now. Here’s what you need to know about the current inventory situation and what it means for... Read More

    Happy Halloween! 🎃

    By Liza DiMarco | October 31, 2023

    Halloween is a night of fun and fright, but it does require extra caution when it comes to keeping your little monsters safe. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, “on average, twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking on Halloween compared to any other day of the year, and more than 70 percent of... Read More

    Why Today’s Housing Inventory Shows a Crash Isn’t on the Horizon

    By Liza DiMarco | October 26, 2023

    Why Today’s Housing Inventory Shows a Crash Isn’t on the Horizon You might remember the housing crash in 2008, even if you didn’t own a home at the time. If you’re worried there’s going to be a repeat of what happened back then, there’s good news – the housing market now is different from 2008. One important... Read More

    Why You May Still Want To Sell After All

    By Liza DiMarco | October 19, 2023

    “Deciding whether it’s the right time to sell your home is a very personal decision. There are numerous important questions to consider, both financial and lifestyle-based, before putting your home on the market.” Read More

    The Perks of Owning More Than One Home

    By Liza DiMarco | October 12, 2023

    Many things have changed over the past couple of years, and real estate is no exception. One impact is an increased desire to own more than one home. According to the recent Luxury Market Report from Luxury Home Marketing: Read More

    Twilight At The Thompson

    By Liza DiMarco | October 10, 2023

    @thompsonsavannah Support your local Safe Shelter! Thompson Hotel201 Port Street  Friday, October 13th6:00 pm – 10:00 pm  ~ Click for more information: SavannahSafeShelter ~ ~ Click to purchase tickets: Twilgiht@TheThompsonHotel ~ Read More

    Market Snapshot – Buyer Demand

    By Liza DiMarco | October 5, 2023

    More Jobs and Better Pay Leads to More Buyer Demand You have likely heard talk and news about a recession for quite a while now. Even so, the economy has been remarkably resilient. Why? One surprising reason is employment and wages have stayed strong. Let’s review the latest information on each one and why both... Read More

    Phil The Park 2023

    By Liza DiMarco | October 5, 2023

    Phil The Park 2023 Enjoy A Fall Evening Under The Stars With Family, Your Favorite Friends and Food! Perfect Picnic Weather! Read More

    Luxury Homes Are In High Demand

    By Liza DiMarco | September 27, 2023

    Luxury Homes Are In High Demand Read More

    Favorite Outdoor Dining Places

    By Liza DiMarco | September 20, 2023

    Favorite outdoor dining places in Savannah, Georgia. Read More

    The Secret’s Out! Favorite Speakeasies And Lounges In Savannah

    By Liza DiMarco | September 6, 2023

    Explore favorite lounges and speakeasies in Savannah Read More

    When Is The Best Time To Sell A Home?

    By Liza DiMarco | September 2, 2023

    Discussion of factors that determine the best time to sell a home. Read More

    Savannah Property Taxes

    By Liza DiMarco | August 29, 2023

    Overview of Savannah Property Tax Increase Read More

    Best Savannah Walking Tour

    By Liza DiMarco | June 28, 2023

    What Is The Best Way To Explore Savannah? When visiting Savannah there are so many options for sightseeing – from trolley tours, boat tours, ghost tours, and walking tours it can be hard to choose. Even harder of a choice can be choosing what time to go on a tour, and often they can be... Read More

    Diamond Hour – The Wyld Dock Bar

    By Liza DiMarco | June 15, 2023

    The NEW Diamond Squad Is At It Again! The Diamond Squad visited The Wyld Dock Bar on Tuesday, June 13th! What a fun experience – a mild thunderstorm rolled through just as we arrived but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We enjoyed the breezy and casual atmosphere and sampled the delicious American fare, including spicy... Read More

    Oops! Today’s market didn’t crash and how it is nothing like 2008.

    By Liza DiMarco | June 8, 2023

    With all the headlines and talk in the media about the shift in the housing market, you might be thinking we are in a housing bubble. It’s only natural for those thoughts to creep in that make you feel we may repeat what took place in 2008. But the good news is concrete data suggests why this... Read More

    Bank Failures Spark Panic: the impact on the Housing Market

    By Liza DiMarco | May 30, 2023

    Given the recent collapse of a few mid-tier US banks and the plunge in shares of Credit Suisse, many are left wondering what the impact of these failures will be on the housing market. In terms of the impact on the real estate industry, the failure of these banks is predicted to have a limited... Read More

    3 Best Areas to Live Surrounding Savannah, Ga

    By Liza DiMarco | May 22, 2023

    There are several aspects to consider while looking for the ideal spot to reside. If you are looking for a beautiful area with plenty of things to do, Savannah is a great place to consider. If you don’t want to live in the heart of Savannah and prefer to escape the crowds of visitors, you... Read More