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Monthly Archives: October 2022

    Thinking of Updating Before Selling? An Agent Can Help

    By Liza DiMarco | October 24, 2022

    In a market that’s shifting as fast as it is today, many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be renovated before they sell their house. That’s where a trusted real estate professional comes in. They can help you think through today’s market conditions and how they impact what you should – and shouldn’t – do before selling... Read More

    Thinking of Selling Your House This Fall? Hire a Pro.

    By Liza DiMarco | October 18, 2022

    Today’s market is at a turning point, making it more essential than ever to work with a real estate professional. Not only will a trusted real estate advisor keep you updated and help you make the best decisions based on current market trends, but they’re also experts in managing the many aspects of selling your house. Here... Read More

    Happy Halloween! Have Fun but Stay Safe.

    By Liza DiMarco | October 13, 2022

    Halloween can be known as a scary time of year, but it’s also a time for fun costumes and delicious treats! Scaring should always be good-natured and not pose any real threats. The best Halloween is a safe Halloween. ? Below are safety tips to make sure you and your family have a fun and... Read More

    STVR Update: Lawsuit Filed

    By Liza DiMarco | October 12, 2022

    CALL TO ACTION from The Tybee Alliance The Tybee Alliance is a coalition of local business and residents in support of property rights and the positive impact of vacation rentals on the community of Tybee Island. On October 5th, 2022 The Alliance put out a statement below, ” After months of collective effort to negotiate... Read More

    Current Housing Market Crashing? Or Stabilizing?

    By Liza DiMarco | October 7, 2022

    Please turn off the media channels! I will say that we are in unprecedented times for sure, however, every several years, like clockwork, there is disruption in the marketplace. This year, there are wild swings in the stock market and Crypto is on life support. There is unrest in Ukraine, fuel “shortages”, supply chain disruptions,... Read More